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WAVES                 (John Zorn’s) Stone NYC/ Sons d’hiver (Paris)/SP-Brazil

WAVES is an audio-visual concert written in tributary to Bud Powell and Thelonious Monk. The piece is designed to comment on the violence & social inequities that these prodigious composers endured. Having both been subjected to Police Brutality, Electro-Therapy, improperly-prescribed psychiatric drugs and the horrors of the Jim Crow era, Powell and Monk rose to be two of America’s most noted Performers/Composers.

The visual component of the WAVES concert creates a visual for the scrambling and reassembling of Alpha Waves. This is achieved by audio reactive processing illustrated by myself and coded by Emmanuel Pidre.

The musical component sits Sample and Electronic-based instrumentation in an improvisational jazz context. The ensemble has included one-time Monk collaborator Mr. Henry Grimes along with Wadada Leo Smith, Steve Lehman and pianist David Virall


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