Into The Fire-(Intro)

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The works of Cuban Documentary Director Santiago Alvarez was repurposed here. The visual palette was inspired by Early Eighties Graffiti, Political Activist/Artist Anton Frasconi, Nam June Paik and the pioneer video synth processing team Rutt/Etra. I have to send a major shout to performer and tech wizard VADE who’s suite of processing plugins continue the pioneering tradition of video synthesis and the LUMEN company who also work in said tradition.

These turbulent times that we live in echo the past in quantum loop that is eerie to see repeated. My generation romanticized artist of the 60’s and 70’s detached from the circumstances that fuel them. Having lived through several painful reminders, “Into The Fire” is an assurance, a proclamation and a  process-based ritual.

The crackling vinyl artifacts invoke the flame. A meditative piano phrase rings. So begins

PROJECTIONS as presented by PRIZM AUDIO VISUAL. A modern antecedent to the self produced and manufactured aesthetic of Sun Ra-EL’s SATURN RECORDS








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